12.3” HD electronic rear view mirror truck/bus monitor system

12.3” HD electronic rear view mirror truck/bus monitor system

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Update time : Sep-28-2020

1.TOPO electronic rear view mirror system is designed for replacing the traditional rearview mirror, which can help to reduce blind spots in various driving situations, such as turning, reversing, parking and etc. It allows the driver to have an optimized view of the road condition and to better evaluate the distance between his own vehicle and the other road users, providing extended visibility for relaxed driving.

2.With wide dynamic range (WDR), high light compensation (HLC), better light collection, super lolux and defog intelligent chip, the electronic rearview camera can restrain the direct light from other vehicles and also can distinguish objects in environments with great differences in brightness.

3.With two LED array, the electronic rear view camera can clearly see the pedestrians or objects on the rear or side of the vehicle when there is no street light or at outskirt in the evening, which solves the shortcomings that the traditional rearview mirror cannot see pedestrians and objects at dark night without light.

4.The camera adopts with tempered and coated glass, which can reduce the water droplets formed on the glass in rainy days, so that clearly image can still be shown on screen. Also, the glass has an intelligent heating function, which prevent it from icing in cold area. The image on screen is easier for distinguishing pedestrians and objects than that of traditional rearview monitor.

5.In order to solve the blind spot problem, the traditional rearview mirror will install several curved mirrors, as shown below. It not only increases shape size, wind resistance and fuel consumption, but also bump the other vehicle easily while driving or parking. The driver needs to frequently shift his sight from several curved mirrors. If watch them for a long time, your attention will be distracted, which easy to causes visual fatigue. But installing electronic rearview mirror, the shape size will be smaller and wind resistance is greatly reduced. According to a test report issued by Verband der Automobilindustriec (VDA), the fuel consumption can be reduced by 2.9% after the installation of electronic rearview mirror.

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