Illustration of detailed installation method of surveillance camera.

Illustration of detailed installation method of surveillance camera.

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Update time : Dec-05-2020

With the development of the civilian use of video surveillance technology, more and more supermarkets, restaurants, shops, offices, factories, and even homes have installed surveillance surveillance cameras. So how to install surveillance surveillance cameras and how do we install surveillance surveillance cameras? ? The detailed steps of the monitor installation tutorial are as follows:


1. First, determine the area to be monitored, so as to determine the installation location of the surveillance camera and the size of the surveillance camera lens to achieve the best monitoring effect. It is recommended that the installation position of the surveillance camera should be above 3 meters, but not too high. The installation position is too low and it is easy to be damaged by people, and the installation position is too high and it is not convenient for maintenance.

2. After selecting a suitable location, first use the surveillance camera bracket to mark the location to be punched on the installation location. Then use an impact drill to drill holes on the wall. If it is a wooden structure, you can directly use self-tapping to fix the bracket.

3. Insert a plug in the opened eye, and fix the surveillance camera bracket on the wall with a self-tapping thread. Be careful to fix it firmly, otherwise the picture will shake after installing the surveillance camera.

4. After the surveillance camera bracket is fixed, fix the surveillance camera on the bracket gimbal, and initially adjust the angle of the surveillance camera according to the area to be monitored. After the surveillance camera is installed, start wiring. The surveillance camera has a power cord and a signal line. The power cord uses a 12V/2A power supply for power supply. The signal line uses different cables depending on the type of surveillance camera. Analog surveillance cameras use coaxial cables for transmission, and network surveillance cameras use network cables for transmission.

5. After the line is connected, connect the line of the hard disk video recorder to the back end, and check whether the bracket screws and camera screws are fixed; the outdoor unit must check that the surveillance camera must be waterproof; whether there are fingerprints and other dirt in front of the lens. After that, power-on debugging can be carried out. If there is no fault in the surveillance camera, power supply, etc., by debugging the surveillance software of different manufacturers, the screen of the surveillance surveillance camera can appear on the back-end display.

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